There are 2.7 million vulnerable children in Uganda. Because of war, disease, and deep poverty, over half the population is under the age of 15, making it the second youngest nation in the world.

Sponsor a Child. Change a Story in Uganda

Mission Trips Uganda is raising the next generation of Uganda’s transformational leaders, who will impact positively every sphere of society, transforming Uganda and serving as a model for the rest of Africa. When you partner with Mission Trips Uganda through the sponsorship program, you agree to make a regular contribution that enables Mission Trips Uganda to educate the most vulnerable children of Uganda and support the local communities in Uganda.

Your child will rely on your monthly support to attend school. They will look forward to writing you letters on their progress and reading your words that will encourage them to work and study hard. They need you. Learn More; Sponsor A Child | Mission Trips Uganda

Mission Trips Uganda

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