A thousand Spectacular Places to Experience the magic of Africa


Explore breathtaking waterfalls and deep lakes, towering mountains and incredible wildlife

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Come trek through bamboo forests in search of mountain gorillas, climb a volcano, or relax in one of Lake Kivu’s resort towns

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Experience a country of vast savannahs dotted with innumerable herds of wildlife, snow-capped mountains and dense forests

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Tanzania’s ecology is matched by an equally rich and varied history and an extraordinarily friendly, hospitable people

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The Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and surrounding islets that together form Zanzibar are certainly one of the most attractive and restful locations in the world. With its Indian, Arab, Persian and Portuguese influences, Zanzibar is a cocktail of culture, people, tradition and color.

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Burundi is known for the primate safaris that will explored on the visit to Kibira National park which is an extension of Nyungwe forest national park Rwanda and the great Kahuzi Biega, Wildlife spotting is done in Rusizi national park & Ruvubu National Park with the main tourists attractions being the Chimpanzees, Birding watching.

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Mission Trips Uganda

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