Conservation & Giving Back


At Zuri Safari Trails, we provide real responsibility for the preservation of Uganda wildlife and plants as well as a sustainable livelihood for local communities in areas where we work. The impact of tourism in Uganda needs to be managed in order to remain within sensible limits.

Over the years, Zuri Safari Trails has been investing in the future of Uganda. Our investment has taken on different guises from policy reforms and wildlife protection to community education programmes and supporting local charities. These initiatives have been funded by Zuri Safari Trails as well as generous donations by our wonderful guests.

Zuri Safari Trails, has successfully realized the vision to change all this by having a Uganda eco tourism policy, taking visitors to places that represent real Uganda and give them experiences that they will remember for the rest of their life, whilst helping to improve the livelihood of the local people.

We at Zuri Safari Trails realize our vision by:

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